Manners and etiquette

Guidelines for participation in events organised by Svenska Bildningsförbundet

5.6 2023



These guidelines provide guidance for participants at events organised by Svenska Bildningsförbundet (SBF). Svenska Bildningsförbundet includes Tankesmedjan Agenda, Ledarskapsakademin, Liberal Praktik, Fika efter kunskap and SFP-Akademin and these guidelines therefore also apply to events, both in person and digital, organised by these organisations. 

Participation in SBF’s events should be safe for everyone and characterized by mutual respect. Openness, honesty and accessibility are the basis for all our communication. These guidelines should be followed at all events, including online, organized by SBF, but should also be respected throughout the organization.

Participants at SBF events and activities undertake to:

– Treat everyone equally and do not discriminate against anyone.
– Communicate and discuss with respect for each other even in case of differences of opinion, including on social media.
– Do not make insults, personal attacks or use ridiculous comments about others.
– Do not speak in a way that is likely to mislead or cause harm.
– Appear under their own name, not anonymously or under a pseudonym, and provide correct contact details when attending events

The foundation of human interaction is based on consent. Therefore, zero tolerance for all forms of harassment and inappropriate behavior is assumed, which event participants should commit to when registering and respect during all SBF events, both in person and digital.

All SBF events have zero tolerance for all forms of harassment and inappropriate behavior, which event participants should commit to when registering and respect during the event itself.

Participants in SBF events are also obliged to intervene or contact the organizer or the support persons if harassment is observed. For larger events (over 100 persons), separate support persons are appointed, in other cases you can contact SBF’s appointed support persons Ted Urho or Pia Gästrin.

Persons who violate the SBF guidelines may be banned from SBF events. The guidelines are continuously updated and as a participant in SBF events, everyone is responsible for following the current guidelines.

The guidelines do not under any circumstances replace current legislation but are used as a support and supplement where legislation does not clearly define codes of conduct.

If necessary, SBF exchanges information with its member organizations regarding cases of harassment and inappropriate behavior. Suspension or other sanctions imposed by another member organization may also be applied within SBF.


Support persons

Ted Urho and Pia Gästrin act as SBF’s support persons in cases of harassment or inappropriate behavior. The support persons are bound by confidentiality and will only act with the authorisation of and in consultation with the complainant. They can be contacted during the event itself or afterwards. For larger events (over 100 persons), separate support persons will be appointed. 

If a support person is the subject of a complaint, the complaint should be addressed to the Director.

Contact details of the support persons:

Pia Gästrin,, tel. 040 508 6943.

Ted Urho,, tel. 050 544 7730



Why does SBF have guidelines for participation in events?

A large part of Svenska Bildningsförbundets work is to bring different people together around different issues. To ensure that all participants feel safe and secure at our events, we have established rules for our events in advance.

Why do I need to accept the SBF guidelines to participate in an event?

In order to apply common rules, it is important that everyone knows them in advance. Therefore, we ask you to read our guidelines in advance and agree to respect and follow them.